Research on Failure Summarized


We cannot always control the unexpected things in life as like failures. But, up to an extent, we can master our reactions towards such events in life. Most of the times, failure has a potential to make your mind believe in things that are not realistic. But in that pain and frustration, you often feel lost in life. Yeah! Research reveals that failures can paralyze you and they often limit the chances of success that you can otherwise achieve in your life. But there are many people around the world who have established new success stories on a base of unlimited failures. Actually, it is the result of your response towards failures; if you can control your feelings, thoughts, and reactions to stay positive and normal then things can revolutionize fast and you will find a way to happiness and success.

Here are few studies about failure; several researchers have made huge analysis over them and they are rated to be effective enough.

#1. Failures lead a feeling of lesser attainability towards the same goal:

Researchers have proven that failures often distort the perceptions toward goals and slowly make them unattainable. A person needs to make efforts to get rid of such perceptions and take strong actions towards your goals. A positive step forward can destroy such negative perceptions.

#2. Failures can destroy your abilities:                                                          

Yeah! If you are not able to digest failures in life then they can often make your goals far away from you. These unexpected conditions of life often destroy your perceptions towards your own abilities and you start feeling less capable of executing essential tasks. People start feeling themselves weaker even when they still have much potential left inside.

#3. Failures generate a feeling of helplessness:

Many people undergo this feeling in life and it is more common after some failures. These terrible situations often create a deep emotional wound and mind start developing a sense that you should give up as you cannot heal from this wound. Slowly you will start developing a feeling that you cannot do anything to succeed in your life and your mind starts working against your actual abilities. This helplessness can destroy your goals so it is good to take immediate action against it and recharge your abilities with a positive mindset.

#4. Fear of Failure:

Researchers have gone through several studies and many cases have been observed where people are not able to bear that pain of failure. It further starts developing a fear of failure for future too and the person develops a sense of handicapping himself as he/she stops making efforts towards goal.  The feeling of headaches or some stomach ache start deviating concentration levels and it further increases the likelihood of failure. It is good to recognize this negative feeling on time and make efforts to get rid of such fears. Develop an emotionally strong behavior, talk to some trustworthy people around, go out with friends and gain a refreshing feeling; once you are back with positive mindset after mastering your failure then start again.


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