Procrastination is a Road to Failure


“Is it compulsory to do it today or can I extend it for tomorrow” Do you have this feeling so often? If yes then you are developing a road towards failure. If you keep on following this habit then one day you will look back with sad eyes and realize that you have done nothing so far. Although, the decision to postpone a task often depends on the availability of resources and its level of complexity sometimes people keep on avoiding essential tasks in their life just because they don’t want to step out of their comfort zone.

Yeah! In most of the cases, people are observed to postpone tasks just because of these two reasons:

  • Either they are feeling uncomfortable to do them at that time.
  • Or they are just making efforts to reject the uncertainties.

Sending time on scrolling your phone’s screen for social media posts, unnecessary gossips and fixing other least important things; this is a common habit of the current generation and they naturally end up delaying essential tasks from routines. These bad habits naturally lead to a road to failure and person realizes his mistakes when it is already too late.

Some of you might be interested to know why this feeling of procrastination keep on following us and what are the ways to get rid of it so that we can avoid failures. Don’t worry! Just keep reading below and follow these tips to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Fear of challenges:

Some of you may find it really fascinating to face challenges in life but many people try to hide as they do not feel safe in challenging situations. In such situations, the mind and body get collaborated to initiate a feeling that this hard task is not essential and a procrastination event occurs. That feeling of discomfort and unsafe condition take people away from creating success stories. It is good to make efforts for positive thoughts towards different situations of life and be ready to experience new opportunities with open arms.

The feeling of 80% threshold:

It happens several times when people just develop a feeling in their mind that task is 80% done and they can take a relaxing break now. But the fact is that this is actually the moment to practice a do or die behavior. While taking up your routine projects always practice the deadline based efforts and avoid that feeling of threshold in between rather make efforts until you become successful with what you are doing.

Be honest with yourself:

When you try to convince yourself that this task can be postponed for some other hour or day then you are actually trying to fool yourself. Just because you want to live in your comfort zone doesn’t mean that you should start accepting wrong behaviors. Try to be honest to at least your own mind and soul. Commit to your work with more consistency and dedicate your time to it until you prove your abilities to achieve success.


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