Passion: Failure’s Sworn Enemy

find your passion

What is Passion?

Passion is what gives you the drive to continue to do everything you do in your entrepreneurial ventures. A passion is something that you enjoy doing. What is your passion? Ask yourself. If you could do any line of work, what type of work would you do? Would you do it for free? Do you enjoy doing it? Would it sincerely make you happy? Is it going to the gym? To an office perhaps? Maybe an airport? You could have an interest in becoming a secretary or maybe you would enjoy being a pilot or a personal trainer. All of these things fall back on you enjoying what you are doing.

What’s Your Passion?

Once you’ve answered that question, ask yourself, “Is there a job for my passion? If not, is there a job similar to my passion get as close to my passion?”  Once you find exactly what the job position is and what it entails, do your research on it. Find someone that’s already doing it. Ask them what they do on a daily basis and how they feel about what they do. Most importantly do they enjoy what they do. After you finish your research, if you believe it’s a good fit for you then go after it. I tell this to most people that ask me business related questions. If you’re searching for financial freedom, but need finances, you might as well receive your finances doing something that you love and enjoy.

Benefits of Following Your Passion

The best part is loving what you do and naturally you’ll get better at it. Growing within your passion is very rewarding. It’s a very smooth transition that most people don’t get to have. As long as you have passion in what you do, you will always be happy doing it!
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