Hustle Through Your Failure

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The Art of The Hustle

Hey, what’s going on guys! Today I will be talking about the art of the Hustle. A hustle is something that you aren’t necessarily born with, but something that you have to establish as you get more into the entrepreneur side of your life. As you get more into the business, and you become a businessman or businesswoman ultimately you always want to have some sort of revenue outside of your everyday job, and most people get this extra revenue from some sort of hustle, hopefully legal.

What Is a Hustle?

In my opinion, a hustle is knowing whether or not it’s a chance you may make a sale that day. Examples of a side hustle or a side job, as people call it, are walking dogs, babysitting, doing hair, selling lemonade, advertising for other companies, door-to-door sales, selling products for companies as an affiliate, selling plasma, selling lemonade, and etc. All of these jobs are pertaining to some sort of hustle in its own way whether it’s as an affiliate selling other company’s products/services or whether you’re the owner of the business and selling your own products/services.

Getting Revenue From Your Hustle

Hustling is something you have to be consistent and persistent in order to make consistent revenue. You have to be at the right place at the right time. With time, you’ll know where that place is and you’ll know when you need to be there. You can’t rush this. Just take everything one step at a time. Think of something that you love to do. Find a passion. Find a hobby that you enjoy doing. Many people get paid from playing video games and streaming it. There are people that get paid for reviewing movies and TV shows. People also get paid for reviewing sneakers, clothes, snapbacks, and electronic products. There’s a lot of different things you can review for cash.

You know Guy Fieri right?

Food Network star Guy Fieri

He wears many hats, but his passion is food and his role is a food Connessuir. He got paid for going to different restaurants and tasting their foods thus, referring their restaurants to people in the local area or people that were visiting that area. Since he is a cooking influencer, this can mean major business for any restaurant he steps foot in and gives a thumbs up.

Get Out There and Hustle

To sum it all up, you always want to have a hustle for that extra money you desire. That extra bit of revenue can go a long way. But don’t just create another job. Find a hustle that you enjoy, and you will have success. As they say on the Dos Equis commercial – Stay Hustlin, my friends.

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