Consistency Always Beats Failure

consistency is key

Consistency is KEY

The failure monster can never beat consistency. Consistent efforts and trials will eventually and definitely win over failure. If one remembers this mantra of life, one can never feel defeated by failure. Failure is just a temporary defeat which only teaches you to try again with a different approach. If you try hard and be consistent with your efforts, failure will eventually take a back seat and let you succeed with all glory. To be consistent one needs to be very strong, focused and determined. Don’t worry about failure and just go on thinking about your goals.

Tips to Improve Your Consistency

Have positive motivation and consistent efforts for your goal. Following listed are a few tips to help you strive forward with consistency:

  • Have a fixed schedule on weekdays: Having a fixed schedule involves your eating hours, sleeping hours and working hours. Follow a planner or a time table for any task be it studying, eating healthy to lose weight or working in the office for your goals. This is very important to maintain a balance in your life and work with consistency. Having a haywire approach towards your goals will not grant you success and in the end, you feel like a failure.
  • Improve your skills: If after being consistent for a few weeks, if you do not find gradual changes then think about changing your skills. You can re-plan or re-schedule a few activities on the weekends and start fresh the coming week. Those who are striving for weight loss can re-plan their workout techniques or diet charts. Students studying can plan about taking some tuition in subjects they lack the required skills and those who are working in the office for a promotion or better profits can re-plan their strategies. Try a different approach or approach better clients.
  • Focus on your positives: This is the most important step towards achieving success. Not everyone possesses the similar mindset or similar skills. Analyze your best parts or your talents and try to achieve success on the basis of those key areas. A student who excels in English but needs help in maths should spend more time on math and not waste much time studying English. A person who is trying to lose weight and loves dancing or walking can plan their workouts based on such activities. An office going person that’s good at marketing should try to achieve success based on his good marketing skills. This way, one can use his positives in the best applicable way.
  • Don’t let small failures de-motivate you: this is the biggest hindrance in being consistent. Small failures may jeopardize your mind set and make you quite everything in the middle and run away, but remember success comes to those who try continuously. Learn from your small failures and let them be teaching lessons to you instead of giving up.

These above-mentioned tips will definitely help you be consistent towards your life goals and will definitely help you be successful.


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