Ambition VS Failure


Ambition vs. Failure: How to Deal with the Chores of Hopes and Despair

Do you remember the famous saying, “Ambition is the last refuge of failure” by the Irish dramatist Oscar Wilde? While we all have heard of the saying, very few try to pervade into the deeper facts.

Almost everyone sets goals in life to emerge as an achiever. While on the road to achieving these goals, many people fail to maintain the perfect balance in life. Try to answer the questions below to get a simplified viewpoint.

Have you set realistic goals in life? Are these goals in line with your skill sets?

In most of the cases, it becomes very difficult for the individual to draw the line between goals and ambitions. To set goals, one employs a practical calculative mindset, on the other hand, ambitions are often triggered by dreams, inspiration, and desires.

There is no reason to assume that failure is your own fault. There are several factors posing hindrances in your path. Often they are circumstances, lack of finances, betrayal by others and so forth.

Whether it is the unfavorable situations, your inability to assort to right decision-making or anything else, the ultimate outcome of failure is unbearable leaving you in utter pain and agony.

Whatever be the reason of your failure, one thing is for sure, there is no room for giving it up entirely. At the end of the day, the question persists, how to cope up with the failure?

Measures to Deal with Failure

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the failure. If you want to succeed, follow these effective methods with consistency to avoid giving up to the mediocrities in life.

1. Failure is a Temporary Phase and Not the End

When the wreathing pain of failure fills the mind, it is very hard to overcome the grief and move ahead. You need to change the perception entirely. Consider the particular failure as only a single instance that will remain for a temporary period in life. The failure is a single or a series of instances but not your entire life.

2. Motivation is the Key to Success

Many successful professionals opine similarly, in line with Brian Tracy’s famous saying, “Failure is the prerequisite for success”. Remind yourself that all great men had to bear the sufferings of failure before achieving success in life. Staying motivated does not mean to encourage yourself with words alone. You need to identify the mistakes committed in the past and prepare a strategy ahead.

3. Identify the Present Opportunities

Even if you have lost a potential chance, there are prospects ahead in life. Identify the available opportunities first. Then prepare a list of opportunities that can work best for you now. Even if there are small gains ahead, you can still take a chance to move further.

4. Write a Plan to Align the Opportunities with Your Goals

Write down your goals and opportunities. Match every possible combination to see what works best to accomplish your goals successfully.

5. Move Ahead with a Plan

You need to dedicate time, resources and of course strenuous efforts to fulfill the goals. Have a plan so that you can move in the right path working hard.

So should we all give up our ambitions? No way! Now follow the words of Salvador Dali, “Intelligence without Ambition is a bird without wings”.

Everyone has a talent within. Sometimes it is in disguise, but in the course of life, it is evident to the entire society. Never leave your ambition; just align them with your goals, abilities and other factors to turn your failure to success.

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